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Houghton House Room 211
Telephone: (315) 781-3489

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the courses I teach - links to descriptions and syllabus

Arth 101 - Ancient to Medieval Art
Arth 102 - Renaissance to Modern Art
Arth 208 - Greek Art & Architecture
Arth 216 - Medieval Monuments
Arth 218 - Age of Chivalry, Gothic Art and Architecture
Arth 229 - Women and Art in the Middle Ages
Arth 249 - Islamic Art & Architecture
Arth 270 - Art of the First Christian Millennium
Arth 332/432 - Roman Art & Politics
Arth 401 - seminar - Art Historiography - the History of Art History
Arth 480 - seminar - Art of the Pilgrimage Roads
BiDisciplinary 291 - Medieval Art & Literature: the Vikings, with Professor Laurence Erussard of the English Department
BiDis 316 - the Anglo Saxons, with Professor Laurence Erussard of the English Department
Eust 101 - Foundations of European Studies I: Antiquity to the Renaissance
FSEM 047 - Art+Ideas+East+West, with Professor Lara Blanchard of the Department of Art and Architecture
Hobart & William Smith in ROME -- Spring, 2003
Hobart & William Smith in ROME -- Spring, 2008

links to tools for students

Image Review via Artifact
(from within the HWS firewall only - otherwise an error message)
Medieval Art, Architecture, and Society
most of my courses concentrate on Medieval Europe - this is a collection of links to help those studying the middle ages.
my Virtual Bookshelf
this is a link page to virtual books on the web - mainly medieval manuscripts, Western and Islamic. I am especially fond of clever page-turning animations - so sue me.
Islamic Art, Architecture, and Society
I teach Islamic Art & Architecture regularly and have collected these links of use to those studying Islam.
Classical Art, Architecture, and Society
I get to teach Greek and Roman art, too. I was an undergraduate classical languages major, so this is a good thing.
Giving Presentations
Here are some links I've drummed up to help people who are giving presentations.
HWS Writes
This is a page developed by Professor Mary Salibrici of Hobart & William Smith's Writing and Rhetoric program with resources for students and faculty.
Books for Art History Majors
This is an list of books I think majors should buy, keep, and use in multiple courses. A few of the individual volumes are more specific to my courses, but the top of the list is certainly general. I can pass out copies of this list, but having it on makes it easier for folks to buy them! Use the Wish List function! Tell your parents about your Wish List and get art history surprises in the mail!

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some of my current projects

..........early medieval inscriptions - the interactions betweens words, images, and spaces
...................the mosaics of Santa Prassede, Rome
...................and a consideration of Sta. Prassede, Sta. Cecilia in Trastevere, and Sta. Maria in Domnica, all built by the same Pope.

..........questions about Medieval Badges, both those relating to pilgrimage and those for other purposes. Here's my ongoing Word List

..........Learning Objects on the Mosque and Images of Drunkenness in Islamic Art.

..........Virtual spaces - this is partly in support of the Mosque project, but it's a longer-standing interest than that.

..........pedagogical issues that arise when people use images to teach about the past and computers to teach about images.

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