This is a work in progress - I'm collecting some web resources to help my students give presentations - especially those in Art 216 , who give 5 presentations each!

Here's a simplified - but if you lived by it you'd be FINE - approach to giving a talk.

Here are some helpful hints from Jeffrey Veen. Go read his explanations of each point:
1. Tell stories.
2. Show pictures. [[well, from the art history point of view, duh!]]
3. Don't apologize. Ever. <<--I LOVE his explanation of this one.
4. Start strong.
5. End strong too.
6. Stand. Away from the podium. Out from behind the presenter table. Keep your hands out of your pockets. . . . But don't move too much.
7. Pause.

Hints on giving a presentation aimed at folks with Dyslexia - but the hints on how to deal with questions are great for all of us!! The simple mnemonic is T.R.A.C.T.
* T - Thank the questioner,
* R - Rephrase the question for the rest of the audience,
* A - Answer the question to the group,
* C - Check with the questioner that they are satisfied, and
* T - Thank them again.

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