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Art 249 Syllabus

Links for Art 249

Islamic Art & Architecture

updated and checked, 8/13/2003


A web project on Arab Culture and Civilization

      ...from the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education .


reference tools in Islamic Art and Architecture

...brought to you by the Fine Arts Library at Harvard.

the Nour Foundation -- the Khalili Collections of Art site

...this collection is the source for a number of the items in your books.  The website itself is extremely impressive.
...“ArchNet is an online community for architects, planners, urban designers, landscape architects, and scholars, with a special focus on the Islamic world.”  This site has articles from Muqarnas available in pdf format, image libraries, and much more. Their clickable Dictionary of Islamic Architecture isn't all it will be, because they are depending on contributed photographs to illustrate words.
The Aga Khan Award for Architecture
...the most prestigious award for contemporary architecture in the Islamic world.

Islamic Art, Music, and Architecture around the Web

...a big links page based at the University of Georgia
the Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization
...certainly the neatest web-pages.  There are calligraphy examples that self-translate when you run your cursor over them!!
the Noble Sanctuary it the Haram al-Sharif, the Noble Sancturay, the Temple Mount - it's the most important spot in Jerusalem and the center of controversy.  Take a look.


...a very nice page on prayer in Islam - instructions, photographs, texts in Arabic and English - helpful for giving an idea about worship and private practice.  The page is from a Sufi website.
the Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
...great collection of primary sources available on the Web
The Encyclopedia of the Orient
...a handy online encyclopedia - terms in the left frame, definition in the center.  There are lots of biographical and geographical entries, too.  The whole thing is hyperlinked.


...take a look  at some early technology adopters - this is the site for  It would be very interesting to figure out exactly what flavor of Islam they represent.

CAIR Online

...The Council on American Islamic Relations - an interesting Islamic advocacy group.
Fatwa Online rulings on Islamic law for the believer.  Well, for some believers.  Maybe.

Art 249 Syllabus

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