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Art 401
Art Historiography

Fall, 2005
Dr. Michael Tinkler

Houghton House Room 103
Telephone: (315) 781-3489
Fall 2005 office hours - Tu/Th, 10:30-12:00
Wednesday, 11:00-12:00, Scandling Center Cafe
or MWF by appointment

Outcomes and objectives
Books and Readings
Attendance policy
Weekly Schedule
Grading Scale

Course Description

In this course students will study the history of art history, from its beginnings in artists' biographies to post-modernist New Art History by reading a variety of art historical works. Each student will choose a particular artist, architect, or stylistic movement and follow traces of art historians through time as they agree or disagree on what is to be said about art.


How this course works with the Colleges' 8 Goals:

This course will help students address Goal 1 (Develop skills for effective communication: listening, reading, writing, speaking.)

Outcomes and objectives

From the Art Department Assessment document, spring, 2005:

"Capstone courses will enable students to demonstrate the capacity to synthesize what they have learned thus far and to apply their understanding of art and architecture to specific problems in art history and theory. Although documentation of their work and their progress in a portfolio will have been an integral part of all prior stages of their studies, a senior seminar in a focused area of study will form the capstone experience for students. Students will formulate their own research projects and demonstrate an ability to evaluate artworks by using both primary and secondary source material. The portfolio compilation can be used both by the faculty as a means of assessing the effectiveness of the curriculum, and by graduating Art History majors who wish to pursue graduate studies or other postgraduate opportunities."

Books and Readings


Vasari, Lives of the Artists
Donald Preziosi, The Art of Art History, a critical anthology


In a serious seminar reading and discussion are the only real matter of the course. You must do the reading and come to class prepared to discuss it. You must also work to find things to read about YOUR topics. PLEASE come talk to me about how to do this!!

Attendance Policy

If you don't attend and participate you will fail this course.

You may miss class twice without penalty. Any further misses count one (1) point against your final grade. Save your cuts carefully. No quizzes or inclass assignments may be made up – you will receive a zero for that assignment. After you miss class twice I will contact your dean and your advisor.

I know that Houghton House is a long way from anywhere. That is your problem to overcome - think about bicycling! I don’t count tardies, so long as you’re not disruptive.

Tentative weekly schedule

There will be no final examination in this course.


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