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The British Library’s Turning the Pages site – someday we’ll be able to see all sorts of things!  As of March, 2004, they have:

The Lindisfarne Gospels -- turnable pages in broadband and lesserband connection modes.  The Webpage is hosted as a separate site by the British Library where the book has been held since the despoliation of the Church by Henry VIII.

The Sherborne Missal

The Leonardo Notebooks – ho, hum, the Renaissance and the Renaissance man. 

Sultan Baybars’ Qur’an


The British Library Collect Britain site with lots (2,500, they say) of images online.  You can eventually get some fairly large images, but it takes a lot of clicking.

Cambridge University Library Online – lots of books, but not a great interface.  I especially like The Life of King Edward the Confessor. 

The University of Aberdeen Besteriary.

The Hours of Jeanne d’Evreux painted by Jean Pucelle - at the Cloisters.

Collectors interested in Content, not beauty

The Tertullian project's digital photos of manuscripts of Tertullian and later secondary sources. 

A somewhat similar enterprise (though concerned with thought after the inherent vulgarisation of knowledge brought on by the invention of printing), the Progetto Pico/Pico Project -- Pico della Mirandola's De dignitate hominis. As an example of double-heartedness they have a Latin  version of the introductory page but all the html buttons are in English.  Faugh!  See the 'incunabula' section for images of books.

I found many of these things by reading regularly.  Do you know of other good examples?  Send them to me!  tinkler-at-HWS-dot-edu


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