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Geological Haiku

We asked, as part of a geology test, for students to compose geological haiku. Here are the results.

Geologic time
Man, it goes on forever
Good thing I love rocks
Adam Sullivan

Volcanic Hazards
How lahars landslides suck
Much destruction caused
Mary T. Raso

Devonian schist
Mafic volcanic basalt
Cambrian slate rock
Lael Kassis

Sediment falls
Consistent in layer age
Story of what was
Tim Moriarty

Volcanoes are hot
The lava rlows very fast
Run! Run! Run! Quickly!
Claire Healy

Geology rocks
Rocks are the absolute tops
Fantastic clastic
Becca Brittain

Champaign pools are cool
Drink the water you big fool
This haiku is sick!
Dave Kang

Magma, lava, rock
It all come from volcanoes
But Pompei happens
Tom Vacanti

Silica sinters
Champagne pool in New Zealand
Gold deposition
Casey Jeracka

Geologic time
Oh how very long you are
I am much younger
Linda Hafner

Rocks and minerals
Underfoot everyday
Mostly so quiet
Nina Moats

Is geo fun you say
I reply with glee:
Subduction is fun!
Brooke Denslow

This exam was hard
Time to go to the Gold Coast
Away from this test
Katie Clifford

Australia's land
So old and nutrient poor
Myrtaceae and 'roo
Annmarie Mica

Mid-ocean ridges
Create lots of volcanoes
IÕve never seen one
Jen Parks

Mountain very high
How did you form long ago
You are a wonder
James Miller

Geology is
Interesting I said then
Okay done with test
Becky Traver

Volcanoes erupt
Lava flows. Earth shakes and new
Rocks are formed today
Allison Floyd

Geologic time
Like a very long movie
Makes me look younger
Max Zimmerley

Limestone rock is cool
Many fossils live to tell
All history truck
Lauren Gianniny

Felsic lava gas
So viscous and explosive
Basaltic is good
Joe Starnes

The rocks become hard
Mountains are filled with feldspar
Streams choked with limestone
James Mooney

Pretty limestone rock
You say ocean to us all
Here calcium rules
Jaime Pullman

You learn about rocks
And get to play in the dirt
And you get credit
Christy Farris

You hammer away
At different rocks all day
Oh, geology
Victoria Hurley

Poof, bang, explosion
Lava flows, dark sky, thick ash
Beautiful nature
Victoria Hurley

Mafic rock runs slow
Felsic rock makes a big boom
Either case run, hide
D.J. Hewey

Continental shelves
Where does your sediment go
Tidal currents flow
Adam Bordonaro

Are interesting
Are lots of fun to look at
Are not ever dull
Amy Butterfield

Into the rocks, we
Go. Searching for the lost time
Of geology
Alyssa Carlson

Geology rocks
Quartz feldspar felsic mafic
Geology rocks
Andy Baker

New Zealand is cool
It has lots of volcanoes
They are still active
Sarah Eck

Volcanoes are hot
Magma may be basaltic
Landslides are not good!
Carla DeLucia

Oh, geology
I may not be good at it
But I still like it
Sarah Steuer

We like rocks a lot!
We study them all day long!
Woohoo! Yippee! Rocks!
Sarah Steuer