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Queensland Term Abroad

Saddlers Springs

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Saddler Springs
Hiking in Carnarvon Park

21 September
Hiking Battleship Spur — The HWS/Union group is quite lucky to spend time at Saddler's Springs, a cattle station in western Queensland run by the Hancock family. The land is beautiful and we learned a lot while we were there. On our first day we left camp for an all-day hike up to the basalt plateau overlooking Carnarvon Gorge, part of Carnarvon National Park.

Saddler Springs II
Hand stencil

22 September
Aboriginal Art —The next day we visited a series of sandstone outcrops with some of the best stencil art in the world. We don't know what exactly this artwork meant, because the particular culture it was associated with was destroyed; however, we do know that this site was very important

Saddler Springs III

22 September, cont.
Marlong Arch — We lunched at a nearby billabong, then moved on to another sandstone formation rich in spiritual meaning. This site, called Marlong Arch, was important in women's rites. We explored the ancient carvings and then rested under the massive arch while Lloyd contrasted the relationship european settlers had with the land and how that was now changing as people have recognized that Australia, because of its climate and geological history, just can't be farmed the way Europe and North America are.

Saddler Springs IV

23 September
Ranching and Homesteading — The next day we headed out for demonstrations of cattle drafting, riding, and homesteading. Cattle drafting is a uniquely Australian sport requiring physical skill, cooperation between horse and rider, and an experienced eye with cattle. Later we walked down the track a bit to see a restored homestead cabin. Once again we were reminded of the difference between what you actually need and what we are just used to having.

Saddler Springs V
Ever-wet gorge

24 September
Gorge exploration — You've seen from the pictures that this area is quite dry; the vegetation reflects this aridity. We drove perhaps 45 minutes in the four-wheelers across sandy, dry woodland, then got out and walked into a small cleft that gradually widened and deepened. A small stream flowed lazily through the bottom, creating a completely different landscape.