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Queensland Term Abroad

New York

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Taughannock Falls, NY
Students at Cayuga

23 August
Taughannock Falls State Park — We walked up Taughannock Gorge, near Ithaca, NY, looking at the geological history exposed there.

Thacher State Park, NY
Helderberg escarpment at Thacher State Park

25 August
John Boyd Thacher State Park — We spent a few days at Cortland's Brauer Field Station, just southwest of Albany; the major (geological) attraction there is a beautiful exposure of early Devonian limestones along the Indian Ladder Trail in Thacher State Park. The rocks record a deepening ocean, starting with exposed tidal flats grading to intertidal and finally fullly immersed sediments with lots of shelly fossils.

En route to Brisbane!
Cloud formations over the Pacific

27-29 August
En route to Brisbane — Spirits were high as we boarded the bus to the airport and beyond. This was a long couple of days, but excitement and personal video screens (Tetris!) kept us occupied.