Chemistry 110-01
Molecules that Matter
Fall, 1996

Prof. David W. Craig (, Ext 3611 -- Rosenberg 111

Welcome to Chemistry 110! We are about to embark on one of the most exciting and important areas of scientific study. Today the field of chemistry finds itself at the center of concerns in linking physics to biology; in solving energy concerns of our society; in finding solutions to the increasing problems of environmental pollution; in improving the world's ability to produce food; in solving problems in medicine; and in countless other areas vital to society. In this course we will approach the learning of chemistry by looking at important problems facing society today. We will take an inventory of the things we need to know to understand these problems. Then we can systematically pursue an understanding of each of the concepts that our problems of concern demand that we know. In the end we hope to be able to better understand chemistry and its contributions to finding solutions to important problems.

This course will begin at the beginning. We will assume no previous knowledge of chemistry beyond a basic understanding of some general high school science principles and simple high school algebra. We will have three lectures and one three to four hour laboratory activity each week. Your attendance is expected at each of these meetings. To help you in your studies, daily homework will be assigned. Homework sets will not be collected. It will be up to you to solve homework problems and satisfy yourself that you understand the material. You should come in to my office during office hours with any questions on the homework. Form an evening study group to go over the homework. This study strategy has worked very well in the past for our students. If you have difficulty working any of the problems you should come to see either myself or any of the chemistry department tutors. We will have a twenty-minute quiz each Friday to help you evaluate your understanding of the week's material. Two 70 minute midterms will help you integrate the various topics and prepare for the final examination. The grading plan for the course and the schedule for quizzes and examinations is shown below.


Supplementary Materials:

Grading Policy and Examination Schedule

Syllabus and Lab Schedule