Chemistry 110-01 Fall, 1996

Professor David W. Craig, (


Lecture/Discussion Topic

Reading Assignment

Weekly Laboratory
Week #1
Sept 11

The Air We Breath. Introduction to chemical understanding of matter: atoms, molecules, formulas, reactions

No laboratory meeting this week!

Sept 13

The Air We Breath (cont). More on chemical reactions in air...hydrocarbon combustion, ozone, nitrogen oxides, photochemical smog

Ch 1

Week #2
Sept 16

Water--A Vulnerable Natural Resource. Water sources and concerns; Introduction to a chemical understanding of water; how molecular structure and hydrogen bonding determine properties; Ionic compounds and their solutions

Ch 5
Environmental Chemistry Aboard HWS Explorer I

Handout &

Working Safely with Chemicals

Sept 18

Water (cont). Hard Water and Soft Soap. Water Purification methods--distillation, ion exchange, desalination

Sept 20

Water (cont). How does water help cool our bodies? Water and Energy: Specific Heat; Heat of vaporization; Heat of fusion

Week #3
Sept 23

Acid Rain. Introduction to environmental impact of acidification of natural waters. Introduction to acidity, moles, molarity, and pH.

Ch 6

Environmental Chemistry Aboard HWS Explorer II

Sept 25

Sources of Acid precipitation. Reactions of oxides of sulfur and nitrogen. Chemical reactions in acidic aqueous solutions. Sources of geologic neutralization.

Sept 27

Acid Rain Conclusion: Consequences, costs, and politics

Week #4
Sept 30

SPECIAL DISCUSSION WORKSHOP -- Pollution: Consequence of chemical ignorance I. Onondaga Lake Industrial Activities--Making soda, chlorine and sodium hydroxide.

Ch 7

Acid/Base Lab

Jolly Exp 13

+ handout

Oct 2

Pollution: Consequence of chemical ignorance II. Mining for Gold in California.


Oct 4

In-Class Examination #1

Week #5
Oct 7

Back to Air: The Ozone Layer--What is it? Why do we Care?

Interactions between Light and Matter. Introduction to the electronic structure of the atom

Ch 2

The Electronic Structure of Hydrogen

Oct 9

Electronic structure continued. Relationship to the periodic table

Oct 11

Stratospheric production and fates of ozone; Biological effects of UV radiation; chlorofluorocarbons.

Consequences and projections for the future

Week #6
Oct 14

Global Warming: The earth=s energy balance. Molecules and infrared radiation.

Ch 3

Analysis of Cations in Finger Lakes natural waters by inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy (ICP)

Molecular Modeling of Carbon Dioxide

Oct 16

Carbon dioxide and The Carbon Cycle. Quantitative considerations and more on molecules and moles

Oct 18

Climatic modeling and projections for the future.

Week #7
Oct 21

Energy from fossil fuels: coal and petroleum. Where from and how much?

Ch 4

Field trip to power plant

Oct 23

Chemical reactions and heat. How much fuel do we need? How much heat will we get?

Oct 25

Power Plant design, the case for conservation, environmental concerns.

Week #8
Oct 28

Nuclear Energy. What is our ( and the world=s commitment) to this source of energy? Should we worry? What is nuclear energy? Fission. Nuclear decay and radioactivity.

Ch 8

Ice Calorimeter--the measurement of heat of reaction of acid with magnesium

Jolly Exp 27

Oct 30

More on nuclear decay and radioactivity. Nuclear plant design; the waste that is left over; environmental concerns.

Nov 1

In-Class Examination #2

Week #9
Nov 4

Solar Energy--A solution for the future. How can we efficiently transform the energy from the sun into a form we can use? Fuel from sunlight; splitting water.

Ch 9

Determination of Vitamin C in foods

Jolly Exp 21

Nov 6

Fuel cells, batteries, and a hydrogen economy

Nov 8

Where do our medicines come from? Molecular synthesis and designing drugs. Intro to Organic chemistry

Ch 11

Week #10
Nov 11

The structure of organic molecules: Lewis Structures and VSEPR

Synthesis of Aspirin

Jolly Exp 7

+thin layer chromatography of analgesics

Nov 13

What are RU-486, Anabolic Steroids, Thalidomide? The drug approval process.

Nov 15

Nutrition and Fat. Must we have both? Selected topics on nutrition, Fat, cholesterol, and vitamins

Ch 12

Week #11
Nov 18


No lab this week!

Nov 24

Comprehensive Final Examination