Grading Policy and Examination Schedule
for Chemistry 110

Optional Learning Journal. This study strategy is a no-method for learning chemistry. I guarantee that it will work. Just follow the procedure carefully and I will make a deal with you! You will be asked to keep a daily reading/problem solving journal for the term with entries outlining and summarizing the main points of each of the assigned readings and all assigned problems fully worked out with your problem solving process clearly explained. Your journal will become a very important reference for you as you reflect on our work this term and as you prepare for examinations.

Journal Format. Use only a bound notebook. No loose leaf binders, please. Reserve the first three pages for a table of contents that lists reading and page number for each entry. Number the pages of your journal. Begin each entry at the top of a page with the title and author of the article/reading. Do not skip pages between entries. Enter each reading as you do it in sequence. Please keep your lecture notes in a separate notebook. This way when I=m reading your notebook you will still be able take notes in class.

Journal Assessment. Turn in your journals at each of the hour examination periods and at the final examination. If you receive a grade below C- on any examination, your journal will be assessed. If your journal is complete you will receive a grade of C- for the examination. A CAREFULLY COMPLETED JOUNAL GUARANTEES STUDENTS EXAMINATION GRADES OF AT LEAST C-.


Quizzes (5 highest) 100 pts
Laboratory 300 pts
Midterms (2) 200 pts
Final Examination 300 pts
Total 900 pts

Examination Schedule:

Quiz #1-- Sept 13 Quiz #5 -- Oct 18
Quiz #2 -- Sept 20 Quiz #6 -- Oct 25
Quiz #3 -- Sept 27 Midterm #2 -- Nov 1
Midterm #1 -- Oct 4 Quiz #7 -- Nov 8
Quiz #4 -- Oct 11 Quiz #8 -- Nov 15
Final Examination
Nov 24 at 7:00P.M