Chemistry 348: Biochemistry I
Winter, 1997

Lecture/Discussion: 10:40AM MWF in ET105
Laboratory: 1:30 - 5:00 T or W in Ros117

Prof. David W. Craig (, Office: Ros111, Phone: Ext 3611
Office Hours: MTWR 8:00-10:00, M 3:00-4:00

Welcome to Biochemistry! In the next ten weeks we will begin a study of what some of us feel is the most exciting and challenging area of chemical study. A chemical understanding of biological processes offer the key to unlock the secrets of cell differentiation; genetic defects; metabolism and its regulation; neurologic function; and countless other features of biological systems. Biomolecules are among the most complex yet most beautiful molecules known and a good understanding of their chemical properties will enable us to study the molecular details of complex biological functions.

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