SYLLABUS -- Winter 1997 -- Chemistry 348

Jan 6-10 Introduction to cellular organization, biomolecules, and a review of the structure and chemistry of water as it applies to living organisms; Amino Acids. Stryer:Ch1,2


Ros 008 Computer Workshop: Use of new lab for data analysis and Molecular Modeling.
Jan 13-17 Amino acids and protein chemistry: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Structure. Purification and Characterization of Protein Structure Stryer:Ch. 2(cont),3,16 Molecular Modeling of the Peptide Bond. Determining energy minima and conformational space.
Jan 20-24 Protein conformation continued and the oxygen transporters. Stryer:Ch.7, 16(cont)

Boyer:49-51,90-102, 147-161

Laboratory Safety, Chemical properties of amino acids
Jan 27-31 *Exam Enzyme kinetics and Mechanisms of catalysis Stryer:Ch. 8 Sequence analysis of angiotensin
Feb3-7 Mechanisms of Catalysis(cont) Stryer:Ch. 9


Isolation of rabbit muscle Glyceraldehyde-phosphate dehy-drogenase(GPDH)
Feb 10-14 Carbohydrate structure and chemistry, Introduction to metabolism, Glycolysis Stryer:Ch.18 Enzyme assays of GPDH
Feb 17-21 Glycolysis and bioenergetics Stryer:Ch 17,19


Quantitative methods of protein det. for GPDH
Feb 24-28 Pentose Phosphate Pathway, gluconeogenisis, and glycogen metabolism, Stryer:Ch. 22, 23 Boyer:115-145 SDS Gel electro-phoresis analysis of GPDH
Mar 3-7


Structure of Lipids and Biological Membranes, Citric Acid Cycle; kinetic regulation of metabolic processes Stryer:Ch. 11,20


Isolation of membrane lipids from E. coli
Mar 11-14 Electron Transport and Oxidative phosphorylation. Review for Final Exam Stryer:Ch. 21 Boyer:65-70,335-346 Preparative TLC and GC analysis of Fatty Acid content in membrane lipids