Pelkey Research Group




May 2013

  1. -Taryn and Katie graduate

  2. -Carly joins the group

April 2013

- Katie successfully defends her Honors project!

March 2013

- Jess presents at William Smith Alumni speaker series

January 2013

  1. -Stephen rejoins the research group for a semester of independent study

  2. -Guanqun joins the group

July 2012

- Jess was mentioned on HWS “recent grads”

May 2012

  1. -We are very proud of Jess for being awarded the NSF grant!

  2. -Maeve joins the research group for summer research

  3. -Nate and Scott graduate

September 2011

  1. -PRG publishes an article in JOC on the synthesis of 3,4-diaryl-3-pyrrolin-2-ones (see publications)!

  2. -We welcome Amy van Loon to the lab for the Fall semester

May 2011

  1. -Another summer of research is underway

  2. -Jess graduates and is off to UC Irvine to pursue a PhD in Chemistry!

April 2011

  1. -Taryn White joins the research group

January 2011

  1. -Katie Downey joins the research group

May 2010

  1. -Nate Bechtold and Scott Flewelling join the group for summer research

  2. -Jake and David graduate! Jake is off to UC Davis to pursue a PhD in chemistry and Dave is headed to St. John Fisher to get his PharmD

April 2010

  1. -Jess successfully defends her Honors project!

May 2009

  1. -Jack MacDonald and Dave Degan join the group for the summer

  2. -Sarah, Chris, Tom, Malory and Brian graduate!

April 2009

  1. -Sarah successfully defends her Honors project!

May 2008

  1. -Jess joins the group

  2. -Kailey graduates!

Welcome to the Pelkey Research Group!

“Nothing shocks me. I’m a scientist”

- Indiana Jones

Upcoming Events:

June 22-27: 43rd National Organic Chemistry Symposium at University of Washington

July: Organic Chemistry conference with Colgate and Hamilton. Hosted by HWS!