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Note: The information on this page is meant to orient Hobart and William Smith students to certain parts of the Univeristy of Queensland and is not an official University of Queensland publication. This page does, however, contain links to official University of Queensland WWW pages including the University of Queensland Home Page.


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Facts and Figures

The University of Queensland is known internationally as one of Australia's finest universities. It is the oldest and largest university in Queenland. Approximately 25,000 students are enrolled. There are 83 undergraduate programs, 120 postgraduate programs and 63 departments. For more information, see About the University of Queensland.

The University of Queensland was established in 1909 by an Act of State Parliament to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Queensland's separation from the colony of New South Wales. A Brief History of the University of Queensland is provided by the U of Q Gopher.

The University's main campus is at St. Lucia which is seven kilometers from the heart of Brisbane. The campus is 114 hectares and is situated in a bend of the Brisbane River.

The heart of the campus is a semi-circle of cloistered buildings known as the Great Court.

All the buildings on the Great Court are faced with distinctive Helidon sandstone from a quarry in Queensland.

The stone is a dramatic mixture of hues of brown, tan, grey, salmon, and purple and is especially beautiful in early morning light.

The buildings also feature carvings of historical figures and scenes...

...coats of arms, and names of great scholars.

The University of Queensland Library is the largest in the state. Its central library and 12 branches hold more than 1,600,000 volumes in addition to periodicals. WWW Interface to the University of Queensland Libraries.

The Continuing Education Unit of The University of Queensland

The arrangements for the Hobart and William Smith Colleges' Term in Queensland were made with the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) at the University. (CEU) provided the logistical support for the program once the students arrived in Brisbane. The academic program was developed in consultation with CEU. CEU arranged for two University of Queensland faculty to organize and provide lecturers for two of the three courses that students took during the ten week trimester.

Some of the Staff of CEU in 1994

Links to the University of Queensland

Additional Australian Resources

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