National Park Service Job and Career Resources

National Park Service
National Park Service Website
Work With Us: Gives a brief overview about what types of jobs are available with the National Parks Service. Lists different types of professions from botanists to masons to historians.
Jobs for Students:  This page gives some options for park internships for students who are in college or graduate school.
Research and Learning Centers: These centers are affiliated with National Parks around the country. On this page you can find a link to the map showing each RLC and the park it's linked to. These are great places to look for interesting internships and job opportunities in the parks.

USA Jobs
Main Page: Takes you to main homepage for the federal government's official job site. On the main page you can do a broad search.
Advanced Search: On this page you can narrow down your search by things like department and agency (you can insert 'National Park Service' to see only NPS jobs), or the type of work/work schedule you are looking for.
Pathways Program: A program for students and recent graduates. There are various internships and job opportunities called the that fall under this category. called the The Internship Program is available for students who are still pursuing a degree, and The Recent Graduates Program is a program for individuals who have graduated up to 2 years before the time of application, including graduation from a graduate school program.

Student Conservation Association
Home Page: The SCA has internships for those still in college as well as some for recent graduates.  Many are centered around environmental projects, but there are also many opportunities to apply for a job or internship in a National Park as interpretation staff or working to conserve You can search using categories such as what state you'd like to be in, how long the position/internship will be, etc.
Search: You can search for internship opportunities by things like state, duration, starting date, etc.