Dr. Mark Deutschlander

Assistant Professor, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Vice President, Braddock Bay Bird Observatory

Office: Eaton Hall 203

Phone: (315) 781-3921

Email: deutschlande@hws.edu


Ph.D. in Zoology (minor in Neuroscience), Indiana University, 1998

Area Certificate in Animal Behavior, Indiana University, 1998

B.S., summa cum laude in Biology, SUNY Geneseo, 1992

See my Curriculum Vitae for details on my professional experience.


Scientific Interests:

Sensory Ecology and Neuroethology

Ecophysiology of Migration

Animal orientation and navigation


Ultraviolet and polarized light reception

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Animals that I've worked with:







At Hobart and William Smith:

At Previous Universities:


Research Skills:

Laboratory and field behavioral techniques for the study of animal orientation and navigation.

Extracellular neurophysiological recording from the retina, optic nerve, and optic centers in the brain (i.e., electroretinograms, compound action potentials, and evoked potentials).

Microspectrophotometry of photoreceptors

Histological techniques: perfusion, brain removal, tissue fixation, mounting, cryocut sectioning, histological and immunohistological staining, camera lucida drawings and computer imaging.

Avian laboratory maintenance, field capture (mist netting) and banding (subpermit from the USGS Bird Banding Laboratory in Patuxent, MD).

Amphibian and fish field capture (seining) and laboratory maintenance.


Hobbies and Other Interests:

Music. I love all styles of music: rock, jazz, classical, folk, and world-beat just to name a few. Just follow the sound of music in Eaton Hall and you're likely to find my lab or office.

Bird-watching...you probably could have guessed this one.

Hiking, camping, biking, skiing, fishing, and anything else that will take me outdoors.

Tai Chi Chuan

Playing Guitar

Reading for fun: Eastern philosophy, naturalist essays, exploration books, and poetry. Read something besides science and expand your mind!


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Herpetology. That's amphibians and reptiles!

More to come.