TEXTS for Bids 240:

Your choice, one other periodical (see last page for suggestions)


In addition to the library and bookstores you can find periodicals in the Creedon Room, Student Activities Center, the Women's Resource Center, and the Geneva Free Library. You should choose one of the periodicals below (or another in consultation with us) to read during the term and to supplement the New York Times scrap book. For monthly periodicals, you should review issues over the last year as well as issues that arrive during the term. Students with facility in foreign language could choose a newspaper or other periodical in that language. Daily periodicals should be read daily during the term. Possible readings might come from:

Wall Street Journal

US News & World Reports

Scientific American Newsweek
The Empty Closet (SAC) -- Rochester gay newspaper

The Advocate -- National gay newspaper London Times
The Village Voice
Positively Aware

Off Our Backs -- National women's newspaper
The New England Journal of Medicine


Sketch Book (11 x 14") for clippings and essays