Random-Blind Breath Testing Research Program at HWS

Research Director:
Professor David W. Craig, email: craig@hws.edu
Department of Chemistry, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY 14456

Research Team (left to right): Prof. Craig, Davidek Heron (H03), Maranda Bliss (WS03), Zachary Schneider (H04), Matthew Yarger (H04), Adam Bordonaro (H05), Jeffrey Quinto (H05), Lauren Gianniny (WS05), and Andrew Stern (H05)

Quick Links:

Check your BAC from your experimental test number

Calculate your BAC

Summary of recent results

Posters of results from this project

BAC-Impairment table

Lecture slides on "The Science of Feeling Good and Bad with Alcohol" presented to HWS greek organizations

Alcohol Education Project

Project Description:

The majority of students have reported in anonymous surveys over the years moderate to low levels and frequencies of alcohol consumption. This project has been designed to actually measure blood alcohol concentrations of students at times when the highest levels of alcohol are consumed. Data collection stations are set up inside the entrances to randomly selected residence halls between the hours of 11pm and 3am every night of the week. Students returning home to the hall are selected from a random sequence and asked to participate. Breath tests are conducted with instruments that display only a test number. Neither the subject nor the researchers will know the BAC at the time of the breath test. Subjects are then asked to complete a short two page anonymous survey (with the test number entered on the top) on their drinking behaviors, body measures, perceptions, consequences experienced, and campus activity partiicpation.

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