New York State Vernal Pool Mapper

Why map vernal pools? Vernal pools are small, shallow wetlands that typically fill up with water during spring and dry by late summer. Because of their ephemeral nature they are critical habitat for wildlife that cannot co-occur with fish, including mole salamanders, wood frogs, and fairy shrimp. The small size of vernal pools makes them difficult to identify with remote sensing techniques, so "on-the-ground" identification is critical for mapping and potentially protecting this important habitat.

Who are we? The NYS Vernal Pool Mapper project is being conducted in collaboration with the New York Herp Atlas and is a program of SUNY-ESF and Hobart and William Smith Colleges. As biologists our primary goal is to identify where significant vernal pools exist in New York State. All questions can be directed to Brad Cosentino and James Gibbs at

Directions. Please enter as much of the information below for each vernal pool. At a minimum we need the location of the vernal pool. You can enter the coordinates of the vernal pool manually or click a location on the map. A photo of the vernal pool is strongly encouraged so it can be officially vouchered.

Disclaimer. By sending us your observations you are giving us permission to use the data and photos that you submit to us for inclusion into the vernal pool database and use by researchers, the NYSDEC, and the broader community. Any images submitted will not be used for any purpose other than identification verification without contacting the user for permission first.

For more information about vernal pools. Visit the Vernal Pool Association website.

About you


Location Click where you located the vernal pool on the map. Coordinates will be entered automatically after selecting a location. Alternatively you can enter coordinates directly below.


Vernal pool characteristics

Isolated depression (pool with no inlet or outlet)
Floodplain depression (pool fills near a stream)
Pool associated with wetland complex (pool with inlet/outlet to another pool)
Every year
Every few years
Agricultural field

Indicator species found


A photo of the vernal pool is strongly encouraged. Use the "Browse" button below to upload a photo of your vernal pool, then click "Submit". If you don't have a photo, simply click "Submit".

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