Tournaments and the LDEP Recommendations

This is a list of LD tournaments and which of the LDEP's recommendations they are following.*

Note that a number in the chart refers to a note listed below explaining the circumstances in more detail. The headings below are intended merely as brief reminders concerning the LDEP's recommended tournament policies.

If you are a tournament director, you can add your tournament to this list by answering a brief set of questions about your tournament.

* The LDEP has not idependently verified this information. We have simply soliticted it from the tournament directors.
** If a tournament allows no judge strikes, then we consider them as following recommendation #7.

1 -- Hendrick Hudson's Bump tournament uses "a complicated community system of ranked judges", but it does not use mutual judge preferences to assign judges.

2 -- Mid-Hudson League tournaments are primarily for first and second year debaters, and it is judged by upperclassmen and parents. "Judge paradigms are not applicable."